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If you’ve been a guitar aficionado for the last 25 years, the name Yngwie Malmsteen (or Yngwie J. Malmsteen, if you prefer) will have at least some meaning for you. As most metal guitarists know, Malmsteen has been riffing it up like a madman from his early days with Steeler and Alcatrazz to his most recent release Perpetual Flame. Yngwie’s classic albums are all about speed and bombast, but occasionally the man shows a softer side with sweet, soft ballads or instrumentals. That’s the approach Malmsteen took with Angels of Love, his latest offering, which may leave you pleasantly surprised.

According to the somewhat sparse liner notes, Angels of Love was conceived by Yngwie’s wife April Malmsteen. Listeners will notice right off the bat that this is not a run-of-the-mill Yngwie album. It’s an entirely instrumental collection of ballads from Yngwie’s earlier works (such as Trilogy, Facing the Animal, and The Seventh Sign) largely performed on acoustic guitar and completely arranged and orchestrated by himself. Heck, he even plays most of the instruments on the disc, which is actually quite above his last few albums.

The CD is a delicate mix of acoustic and electric guitar that bespeaks a kinder, gentler Yngwie than music fans have seen in quite some time. There are no sky-high rock vocals or pounding drums this time out. For the most part, Yngwie restrains himself from the usual over-the-top shredding and licks associated with his style. Still, the album features moments of signature Yngwie flying fingers of fury, such as on the track “Brothers.” “Crying,” from the Trilogy album, actually feels more mournful than the original. Speaking of which, the guitar virtuoso actually manages to outshine himself on “Prelude to April” from his Concerto Suite, with a simpler arrangement that is easier on the ears. Perhaps the softest offering is “Sorrow,” which is layered with beautiful, rich choir-style vocal effects. The keyboards add a further ethereal effect to the music with a haunting flute-like synthesizer playing on “Like an Angel” and “Save Our Love,” making this album the most unique in Yngwie’s resume in quite some time.

Angels of Love is saturated with light and floaty layers of sound rather than the dark, heavy tones with which Yngwie made his name. Throughout the CD, one can conjure up visions of Malmsteen as an artist with his guitar like a master painter at his canvas, pouring out his soul and straining himself to the peak of perfection. The lush orchestrations and soft acoustic guitar playing might alienate some fans expecting a standard heavy metal shredfest, but many listeners should find Angels of Love a refreshing change of pace from the typical heavy metal sound.

1. Forever One
2. Like an Angel
3. Crying
4. Brothers
5. Memories
6. Save Our Love
7. Ocean Sonata
8. Miracle of Life
9. Sorrow
10. Prelude to April

HRH Rating: 8.4/10

A Fan review of "Angels of Love"

Music is about textures, and colours both dark and light, and subtleties that the musician throws in for good measure, and who hopes that the listener will pick up on. Well you cannot miss it on Angels of Love.
The new album is a step away from the usual heavy rock affair. It has a more melancholy feel to it, but with the trademark licks and runs that we all associate Yngwie with. Yngwie shows that he is master musician, and that he can put his mark to any style, and so this is the case with the new album.
Again the production of the album is well done, and it is good to hear Michael Troy, I look forward to hearing his keys on the next heavy rock album!!
So it is with Sorrow that I have to end this review...

by Alex Ogston, UK


Malmsteen's Perpetual Flame one of 2008’s
most genuinely surprising new releases

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Perpetual Flame gets 4.5/5 from!

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Rising Force Records 2008

Hard rock / metal / neo-classica

The Good
The opening licks of "Death Dealer" make it clear that this is an Yngwie Malmsteen affair. No other can fly through guitar licks so quickly and smoothly. The vocal wails of Tim "Ripper" Owens ring out loud and clear throughout the track. The opening riff of "Damnation Game" is right from the 80s playbook of Malmsteen. I swear I've heard a variation of it on a past song. Owens delivers and over-the-top vocal performance here. He mixes the very lows with the glass -shattering highs. "Red Devil" unleashes the fury (sorry Yngwie) with chunky riffs and killer melodies. Malmsteen literally makes his axe gallop on "Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse)." Rapid-fire guitar runs mixed with pounding drums and fevered vocals kick the energy level up to 11 on "Be Careful What You Wish For." "Caprici Di Diablo," "Lament, " and "Heavy Heart" are typical Yngwie instrumental show-off tracks.

The Verdict
Yngwie Malmsteen has always had a revolving door of vocalist throughout the years, and former Judas Priest vocalist Tim Owens makes a great addition to that troop. Although Owen's can hit some high notes, he's not on the same high register as Doogie White or Jeff Scott Soto (or the smooth tones of Joe Lynn Turner). Malmsteen brings the key down lower enough for Owens to shine.

Over the years Malmsteen has refused to change his style. That a good thing for his fans, not so much to stay relevant in the music industry. But who cares. Perpetual Flame keeps the Rising Force legacy burning with blistering licks and riffs, catchy choruses, and undeniably catchy hooks.

Rating: fddffddf out of 5



"Perpetual Flame" fan review:

Well the Flame still burns as bright as it ever did, the Master Musician has riffed the Stratocaster into the Stratosphere.

The album starts of with a nice classically influenced movement, then all hell is unleashed, with riffs and solo’s flying from the fingers of Yngwie. The album is well and truly in flames by the time you get to the second track, and this is maintained throughout the whole musical journey that is Perpetual Flame.
Some notable changes come through the speakers by the time you get to /MAGIC CITY. The bluesy feel is enhanced by sitars and the whole psychedelic feel is mindblowing. This has to be without doubt  one of the best tracks Yngwie has ever done, the pure Magic from the Wizards Fret board of that track is spellbinding./

The whole production is again a masterpiece of musicianship, with contributions from Tim/ (Vocals),/ Derek/ (Keys),/ and Patrik /(Drums)/ all of which show why Yngwie has them in Rising Force. The mastering of the album is also very well done, and I look forward to more new and re-mastered material on the Rising Force Label.

So as the dieing embers of the /Heavy Heart /track fades, it seems that YJM and Rising Force has once again produced an album that will stand as a great piece of heavy rock music.


Alex Ogston, UK.

"Perpetual Flame" review (by Greg Prato):

Arguably, not since the days of Jeff Scott Soto has Yngwie Malmsteen shared the spotlight with a singer who possessed enough pizzazz to truly stand toe to toe with the Swedish six-string shredder. But on ol' Yng's 2008 release, Perpetual Flame, former Judas Priest/Iced Earth screecher Ripper Owens has signed on as the man behind the mike. And the result is Yngwie's best album in quite some time. Not only does it feature all the superhuman guitar acrobatics that you've long come to expect from the man who can probably sweep-pick arpeggios in his sleep, but it also features a chap who is known as an absolute vocal terrorizer within the realm of metal. The Yngwie/Ripper union pays immediate dividends for fans of "medieval metal," as evidenced by "Death Dealer" and "Four Horsemen" (perhaps the true test of an Yngwie song is if you can picture yourself dressed in knight's armor, storming a castle — and these two ditties pass the test!). But don't fret, longtime fans, Ripper allows Yngwie more than enough room to shred away, especially on "Red Devil" (which musically sounds surprisingly like a vintage Joe Satriani-esque tune) and the over the top instrumental "Caprici di Diablo." As heard throughout Perpetual Flame, Yngwie has once more (to borrow a quote from the guitarist himself) "unleashed the f**king fury!"


Concerto Suite in Eb Minor for Electric Guitar and Orchestra - DVD, Spitfire/EagleRock (rerelease of 2001 Live DVD/CD)

DVD Review: Yngwie Johann Malmsteen: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat Minor, with the New Japan Philharmonic: Live

Wonderful review from Metal Express Radio.

"Yngwie’s performance, as well as the Philharmonic, is masterful, passionate, moving, and breathtaking … pure genius and art." To read the entire review, click HERE.


December 01, 2005
By Chris Beaumont
Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra

Many rock acts have taken their act to the stage with an orchestra, but I must say that I have not seen it done quite as successfully as Yngwie Malmsteen has. In most cases the bands get up and play their songs while the orchestra follows along. A good example of this would be when Metallica took to the stage with the San Francisco Philharmonic. I thought that was a good album, but it was nowhere near the level of Malmsteen's concerto.

Back in 2001, Yngwie decided to take his classically influenced playing and combine it with a full orchestra. He went to the drawing board and crafted a concerto for precisely this event. It is a wonderful piece of music that obviously plays around the guitar as its central point, yet complements the orchestra as a whole. the two meld together and become this wall of classical and rock sounds in perfect balance.

This is a different Yngwie than I am used to seeing. Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to see Yngwie live, most recently, this past weekend. One thing that has always stood out was his flamboyant onstage antics. He was always swinging his guitar, or raising it to the heavens, always in leather with pointy boots and a frilly shirt, kicking in the air, all sorts of crazy stuff. For this performance, the leather and frills are there, but his presence is much more restrained. He walks out, takes a bow, and proceeds to play some incredibly precise and speedy licks.

The show not only showcases Yngwie's electric playing, but also his acoustic side. A few of the segments having him unplug and show that he cans till shred whether the strings are metal or nylon. As good as his playing is, it is only half the show. The orchestra sounds absolutely fantastic, and they are not just there to back the star attraction, but they also further their own purposes, creating this powerful wall of sound.

The camera work gets the job done as well, bringing you right into the think of the action. Get right into the orchestra as the violinists play, watch as the basses bring out the low end. More importantly we get right in on Yngwie's fretboard as his fingers fly over the strings, and impressive site, to say the least.

There is one lackluster element to this disk, that is the sound. It is presented in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0. Obviously, the 5.1 sounds better, but it wasn't nearly as full as I would have liked. The recording is heavily guitar-centric, and that leaves the orchestra sounding a bit on the thin side.

Still, this is definitely a disk worth adding to the guitar fan's collection. It is quite an impressive concoction of classical and rock.



Unleash the Fury, 2005  -  CD, Universal, Spitfire/EagleRock


Entertainment Tonight - September 2005:  HERE

Online Review from
Brian Rademacher sends this link to an online review of UTF: Unleash the Fury

From Dan Palmer
First thing I noticed when I received this album the photo was on the back cover, in this and in the other photos Yngwie
looks really great!

On the first listen, I thought the album might be a bit too "Heavy", but after a few listens it's just the incredible amount of energy that's coming out of it.
I was glad that the mix is very clear, I can really hear every instrument, and all the vocals.

My favorite tracks are "Revolution", "Winds of War", "Bogeyman", "Cherokee Warrior" and "Guardian Angel". Of particular note are Yngwie's vocals on "Cherokee Warrior", I really think these hit the spot, also the blues riffs,
the whole of this track is just great - it seems to me to be a development of earlier tracks where Yngwie has done the lead vocals - is he going to do more of this?
I also love "Bogeyman", especially the bass and the really catchy hooks in this track. The Bach variation "Fuguetta" is very interesting and has beautiful counterpoint melodies and harmonies. Is this part of a new classical album? like the Concerto Suite - I hope so!

With regard to Yngwie's playing, the arpeggios are now even clearer and precise, technically he just gets better and better, also it sounds to me as though he's thinking more and more about each phrase and note, to bring out even more feel and emotion in them, although it all also sounds really spontaeneous, so I'd be interested to know what percentage was done on the first take.

I didn't think that some of the tracks on "Attack" would be bettered, but UTF has proved me wrong, in some ways I don't think it's an album that you can get straight into, it takes a little time, but after a few listens it has really grown on me to the point that I haven't listened to anything else since I received it. I still don't think I've realised the depth of the album yet. It's a seriously good album, by a seriously good musician, for serious listening!

From Bianca Gerent

I'd like to congratule Yngwie!
I'd listened UTF a lot of times 'cause it's almost impossible stay away from it!! I've already elected my favorite ones!!! The first is killing! It is a good one to be the first song of the concerts! The third, I really loved, mostly when comes the chorus (Cracking the whip, it's a new kind of pain!))!!! Wings of Wars is too beautiful, especially the beginning! The Bogeyman is amazing!!! Its riff catches my mind!! Yesterday, this song stayed all day long in my mind!! Fuguettta is great, Yngwie's version of this song is perfect!! Now he needs to play Dreaming after Fuguetta as he used to play during the Odyssey tour which I think it would be breathtaking! Cherokee Warrior, I loved this one!! Yngwie on lead vocal is always amazing!! Guardian Angel is very cute!! Let the good times roll is pick too! Magic and Mayhem remembers a little of Eclipse!! Unleash the Fury is great, its solo like all Yngwie's solo is really nice and the last one, Paraphrase, is very medieval, I suggest him to play it during the acoustic solo before Black Star in concert!!!
I just didn't like of Beauty and a Beast.
I really loved the idea of putting a bonus video in the cd!

From Adrian Milfy
Dear Yngwie, I have just bought your new album in Singapore while I was on holiday and now have all your studio albums and what a brilliant album Unleash the Fury is, infact it just blew me away.

I work backstage in the Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK and have seen quite a few famous faces while working there and I know a talent when i see it. I have always liked Hank Marvin, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani but I must confess that as far as I am concerned Yngwie you are the best I have heard, ever since the first time I heard you I can't stop playing your music.

The four instrumetals on the album FUGETTA, PARAPHRASE, GUARDIAN ANGEL and MAGIC AND MAYHEM are brilliant especially FUGETTA and PARAPHRASE which I can't seem to get out of my head as I keep humming the tunes. As for the vocals on the album I can't fault any of them and all praise should go to your band members too as they have done a really good job. What I liked best of the vocal songs was CROWN OF THORNS, WINDS OF WAR, REVELATION, CHEROKEE WARRIOR and UNLEASH THE FURY. Anyway Yngwie well done, I only wish I could have met you when you appeared in ROCK PALACE in NOTTINGHAM recently, apparently I was in Australia and Singapore at the time.

I believe you are working on a new Classical Album like CONCERTO SUITE FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR AND ORCHESTRA IN E FLAT MINOR OPUS 1, if that is so I shall look forward to its release.

Well, congratulations on a superb album Yngwie, don't let anyone distract you from what you are doing, I like the way you think for yourself, nowadays there are not a lot of artist that do that. Best Wishes, Adrian

From Travis Smith, Lancaster, PA
I got the import of Yngwie's new album off of ebay. I couldn't stand to wait for it to be released over here. When I first heard it I thought... Yngwie is playing on the level of Marching Out, Trilogy. I really got that feel from when I first listened to the disc. I saw him in Harrisburg Pa last year at the Dragonfly club. It was the absolute best concert of my life. The energy, power of the music, and Malmsteens precision playing were amazing. I could go on n' on with a huge review about this or that...but its not necessary. Yngwie has once again (as always) created a supreme masterpiece with top notch playing. He is the original Bach of the electric guitar. All others are cheap imitations. Can't wait to see you again in PA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yngwies #1 greatest fan.......... TS

From Jeffrey Bond
Hello all. It is definitely "Time to Rock!" I just received Yngwie's new album from Japan - "Unleash the Fury" and it kicks ass. I haven't had the new album long enough to pick any favorites - but I can tell you, you will not be disappointed. Buy it ... It is one of best albums to date - from beginning to end. Period!

From Allen Turbeville
First off must I say that Yngwie still holds the best tone; this album has the same sound as Attack. Yngwie also sings a few verses of his own and his technique has improved much. About half of the solos are the usual "Yngwie shred", but with newer levels and the chord progressions are surprising and not predictable. He does have a couple of instrumental pieces that would blow anybody away that can appreciate real, good, music. I am more pleased with ripping riffs and changes than the shredding solos. I don't think it's an ego thing, that Yngwie sings, why shouldn't he? This album is so fucking sick!!! It really is jawdropping just like any other album of his. I have been a HUGE fan and I am so happy and pleased with it.

From nickdunn in Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Just Do It
Took a few listens, but the ones you like straight away usually become tired quickly and others (as with albums like this one) after a few spins become life-long friends. Unfortunately a very biased opinion, but thumbs up from me anyway!

From Eddie in Blackpool, England
Wow... My favourite by Yngwie has always been Vengeance, since I started listening to him a few years ago, but this album has totally changed that, with songs such as Russian Roulette, Beauty & a Beast, Exile. I'm going to see him in concert on the 30th and cannot wait to see these songs live! Its an unbelievable album and a must buy for all Malmsteen fans!

From yjmshred in Atlanta GA, USA
Unleashed the fury on my ears; this cd is amazing. The singing is great, the playing is as usual phenomenal. This is an improvment over the last cd Attack, which I liked. This is a must-have.

From Henk Jan Steenvoort
Yngwie unleashes his fury upon us again with this great CD. After all these years his CDs still sound fresh, I guess his music is timeless. Keep up the good work Yngwie, and don't change your style.
I think in general this CD sounds a little more "modern" than his previous work, the riffing is a little more simple, a good thing, because each song stands out more, there is a lot of "airplay" material on this CD, radio and tv pay attention! Of course there is also a lot of Insane guitarwork on it (would you expect anything else??) Yngwie, I hope you will play this whole CD when you visit The Netherlands (including all the instrumentals) , see you in June in Amsterdam and Tilburg

From Alex Ogston
Yngwie has pulled it out of the bag yet again!!! Great Music, Great Production, Great Packaging (Universal Japan). The music is very heavy which is fantastic, and the whole sound of the band is extremely tight. The album has a hint of all Yngwie's work taken from all of his albums, and with added spice of some new musical ventures; which has all been placed in the melting pot and stirred!!!!! All bodes well for the world tour. Looking forward to new albums, on the Universal Japan Label for many years to come!!! (Splendid Job).

From Tim
I have Unleash the Fury (and every Yngwie cd) and it absolutely ROCKS!!! I've listened to it over and over and I LOVE it! The songs are very well written with great melody, rythyms, hooks, solos and lyrics. I love the way this album seems to head in a different direction than the other albums. There are ALL masterpiece cd's. Why listen to anything other than Yngwie? I know I don't.
But these songs seem to have something really unique, I can't describe in words. Maybe it's the harmony or the stories they tell? Power and energy pour from this cd. It's that damn good. Top picks: Locked and Loaded, Revolution, Cracking the Whip, Winds of War (very mysterious eeriness to it), Bogeyman, Beauty and a Beast, Cherokee Warrior, Let the Good Times Roll, Exile, Russian Roulette, Magic and Mahem, Unleash too of course. Another great job by Yngwie and the crew.



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