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Business Contacts Touring Enquires Press Enquires Record Label
Yngwie Malmsteen Management Co.
Malmsteen MGMT Rising Force Records


Seymour Duncan

Lashbrook Guitars
Larry Lashbrook is Yngwie's exclusive luthier for all scalloping, refretting, refinishing, and reworking on his guitars.

Jim Dunlop Manufacturing
Dunlop Mftg. creates a number of products used by Yngwie throughout his career, including his trademark white imprinted picks as well as the Cry Baby and Fuzzface effects pedals.

The Fender Musical Instruments website contains photos, specs, and ordering information on Yngwie's signature Strats, plus info on other Fender gear, how to subscribe to "Frontline" Fender magazine, and much more.

Marshall Amplification
Established in 1962, Marshall Amplification has been enabling guitarists to Play Loud for decades. Their high-tech website has all the info you want, from vintage beginnings to the newest line of Marshall killer amps.

Pete AlanderĀ“s (site designer and webmaster) graphic design company. This website is designed together with Kassu Kortelainen ( and Yngwie Malmsteen management.

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