Amps and Stage Gear



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Yngwie Gear In The News

The November 2004 issue of BOSS Users Group (BUG) Magazine Online 8.1 has a great diagram of Yngwie's current rig.

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The September 2002 issue of Guitar World (USA) has a write-up of the YJM 308 Preamp Overdrive pedal, plus a full-page endorsement ad for Celestion G12T-75 speakers. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.


Yngwie Setup 2000

GuitarOne magazine (March 2001 issue) has a great feature "Back Line Blueprint" and a diagram to describe Yngwie's current setup and what he used during his Nov./Dec. USA tour with Dio. Click HERE to access a scan of the page.


Vintage Marshall Amps

Yngwie's long-term love for vintage 1971-2 Marshalls is well documented. To see the historical development of the Marshall sound and where Yngwie's favorite amps fit into the timeline. To see what new products are coming up, visit their awesome Website.


New Sound Chain for "Facing The Animal"

Check out Yngwie's new sound stage setup, courtesy of Young Guitar Magazine, issue No. 7, July 1998. Click the image to enlarge.




Yngwie's 1980s Setup

When he was helping us compile this equipment list, Yngwie said he prefers the vintage Mark II Marshalls for their warm tube sound that's never screechy. He's been using them for the last fifteen years, and loves their warm sustaining tone.

  • Up to 24 Marshall Mark II 50-watt heads (vintage 1971)
  • Up to 27 Marshall 4x12 cabinets with Celestion G12 30-watt speakers
  • Basic onstage setup:
  • * 12 cabinets on stage right
  • * 12 on stage left
  • * 3 cabinets under the drum riser
  • Splitter box: all amps are plugged into the splitter, then fed to the speakers as needed.
  • Bob Bradshaw effects rack:
  • * Korg KMX-62 six-channel mixer
  • * two Korg SDD 2000 digital delays
  • * Hush II-C noise reduction unit
  • * Boss octave divider
  • * Furman PL-8 light module
  • * Marshall 400-watt power amp, model 6040
  • Floor units:
  • * Moog Taurus synthesizer bass pedals
  • * Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-wah
  • * Vox flanger (vintage 1970's)
  • Warmup amps: two Crate XL's with Celestion 70-watt speakers
  • Wireless: Samson wireless unit

Yngwie's 1980´s
Onstage Sound Chain

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